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The Jellyfish Sting Newsletter is produced by the international consortium for jellyfish stings. It is usually included as an insert in the ACTM Bulletin. The ACTM continues to support such endeavors wherever it can...

The newsletters produced after January 2001 will be only available as web pages. Adobe PDF documents will no longer be supported.

Jellyfish 24 Mar 2001 (Web Pages Online)

Newsletters produced prior to January 2001 are only available in Adobe PDF format. To read these pages you will require either the Adobe Acrobat reader 4.05 or later versions - available as a free download, or the Adobe PDF web plug in to enable your web browser to read these files directly.

Jellyfish 23 Dec 2000 (.PDF document)

Jellyfish 22 (.PDF document)

Jellyfish 21 (.PDF Document)

Jellyfish 20 (.PDF Document)