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Annals of the ACTM

A Journal of Tropical and Travel Medicine

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The Annals of Tropical Medicine is currently published twice yearly and all members of the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine receive a printed copy as part of their membership. Copies are included here for electronic download. Non members requiring printed copies or reprints should contact the ACTM secretariat by email or telephone to discuss the availability and cost.


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Editorial Board
Professor Derek R. Smith

Emeritus Editor-in-Chief
Emeritus Professor John M. Goldsmid

Executive Editors

Professor Peter A. Leggat
Associate Professor John Frean

Board Members and Review Panel

Dr Irmgard Bauer,
Emeritus Professor Roderick SF Campbell, AM,
Professor David Durrheim,
Associate Professor John Frean,
Dr Michael Humble,
Associate Professor Tim Inglis,
Professor Justin La Brooy,
Professor Ahmed Latif,
Dr Alan Mills,
Professor John H. Pearn, AM, RFD,
Dr Ken D. Winkel


© Copyright ACTM. Material published in the Annals of the ACTM is covered by copyright and all rights are reserved, excluding “fair use” as defined by the copyright law. Permission for use of figures/tables etc. should be obtained from the authors and the Editor of the Annals.

Volume 15 No. 1
May 2014
Size: 1940 Kb
Not yet indexed
Volume 14 No. 1
Jun 2013
Size: 1910 Kb

Volume 13 No. 2
Jul 2012
Size: 1550 Kb

Volume 13 No. 1
Jan 2012
Size: 1971 Kb

Volume 12 No. 2
Oct 2011
Size: 2352 Kb
Supplement to Annals 12 - The Townsville Hospoital and James Cook University School Of Medicine and Dentistry Research Symposium
Volume 12 No. 2
Jul 2011
Size: 2084 Kb
Not electronically indexed as yet. 2.1mb.
Volume 12 No. 1
Jan 2011
Size: 1588 Kb
Not indexed as yet - PDF 1.6Mb uncompressed
Volume 11 No. 2
Jun 2010
Size: 2092 Kb
Note file size before downloading - not compressed or indexed as yet.
Volume 11 No. 1
Jan 2010
Size: 960 Kb
Indexing now available on this issue
Volume 10 No. 2
Jul 2009
Size: 1035 Kb
Indexed. Includes abstracts from 18th Annual Scientific Conference.
Volume 10 No. 1
Jan 2009
Size: 1216 Kb
Not electronically indexed as yet.
Volume 9 No. 2
Dec 2008
Size: 1327 Kb

Volume 9 No. 1
Jul 2008
Size: 652 Kb
Not yet indexed
Volume 8 No. 2
Dec 2007
Size: 922 Kb
Not yet electronically indexed
Volume 8 No. 1
Jun 2007
Size: 553 Kb
Includes abstracts of the 16th Annual Scientific Meeting
Volume 7 No. 2
Dec 2006
Size: 470 Kb

Volume 7 No. 1
Jun 2006
Size: 486 Kb

Volume 6 No. 2
Dec 2005
Size: 389 Kb

Volume 6 No. 1
Jun 2005
Size: 533 Kb

Volume 5 No. 2
Dec 2004
Size: 692 Kb

Volume 5 No. 1
Jun 2004
Size: 254 Kb

Volume 4 No. 2
Dec 2003
Size: 551 Kb

Volume 4 No. 1
Jun 2003
Size: 691 Kb

Volume 3 No. 1
Dec 2002
Size: 690 Kb

Volume 2 No. 1
Jun 1996
Size: 6692 Kb
This is a scanned copy only - Around 6mb in size and not indexed as yet..
Volume 1 No. 1
Jul 1995
Size: 3971 Kb
This is a scanned copy - Around 3mb in size. Not indexed as yet.