Office Bearers, College Council, Faculties, Committees


President: Professor Peter Leggat
Immediate Past President: Dr Peter Nasveld
Vice President: Dr Marc Shaw
Honorary Secretary: Dr Collen Lau
Acting Treasurer: Professor Peter Leggat


  1. A/ Prof David Porter (Queensland, Australia)
  2. Dr Kym Daniell (Queensland, Australia)
  3. Dr John Heydon (Dunedin, NZ)
  4. Professor John McBride (Queensland, Australia)
  5. Dr Lachlan McIver (Queensland, Australia)
  6. Dr Jon Hodge (Queensland, Australia)
  7. Prof Geoff Quail (Victoria, Australia)
  8. Dr Deborah Mills (Queensland, Australia)

Faculties, Standing Committees and Committees/Boards

Chair – Faculty of Travel Medicine: Prof Peter Leggat

Chair – Faculty of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine – Prof Marc Shaw

Chair – Standing Committee on Toxinology: Dr Kenneth Winkel
Chair – Standing Committee on Medical Parasitology and Zoonoses: tba
Chair – Standing Committee on Disaster Health: Prof Tim Inglis
Chair – Standing Committee on Publications: Professor John Frean

Honours and Awards Committee: Professor John Pearn, AM RFD
Body of Knowledge / Education Committee: Dr John Heydon
Networking Committee & College Webmaster: Dr Kym Daniell
Membership Committee/Board of Censors And Censor in Chief: Professor Peter Leggat (acting)
Scientific Programs Committee: Dr Ken Winkel
Board of Review: Dr John McBride (Chair), Peter Leggat, David Tingay
Membership & Corporate Development Committee: Vacant
Honorary College Archivists: Dr Sue Heydon, Professor John Pearn AM RFD, Dr Margaret Spencer and Professor Peter Leggat
Regional and Branches Committee: Associate Professor Tim Inglis