Dictionary of Tropical Medicine

This dictionary is directed at the health professional who is attempting to comprehend the vast array of terminology, which is found in tropical medicine and its related sciences. It is hoped that it will be especially useful to those who are studying tropical medicine or related areas. Given that knowledge in the sciences related to tropical medicine is expanding at such a rapid rate, it has been necessary to use a broad brush approach, rather than a narrow one and tries to apply simple language in its definitions.

Terms, both old and new, are included from the areas of tropical medicine, tropical public health, parasitology, and entomology. Some terminology is included from the areas of epidemiology and immunology, to assist readers in interpreting the literature. A number of contributors in specialised areas have been utilised to ensure completeness and accuracy as far as is possible.

By publishing this dictionary, The Australasian College of Tropical Medicine is neither restricting nor prescribing definitions for the terminology used in tropical medicine. Reference has been made to other dictionaries and works and these have been listed in the Bibliography. Correspondence is welcome, so that corrections, additions or expansions to definitions in this dictionary can take place.

Terms are given and defined in alphabetical order. Commonly used abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes, are separately defined in the introduction of this dictionary. It is hoped that those who use this dictionary will find it a useful aid.

Download the Dictionary of Tropical Medicine here.