Primer of Tropical Medicine

The Primer of Tropical Medicine aims to give concise, practical information for the general practitioner or health professional, who work in the tropics or manage people coming from or going to the tropics.

It is a companion volume to the Primer of Travel Medicine, which is available in print version from The Australasian College of Tropical Medicine (email As the name suggests, it applies a “primer” or framework upon which to build with further reading and experience. The book is divided into 26 chapters written by various national and international contributors, concentrating on the major aspects of tropical medicine. The primer is not yet available in print format. As individual chapters are created and revised they will be linked in the index below. Your assessment and any critique is appreciated during this formative stage and comments can be directed to

All the following pages are .pdf documents and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Table of Contents

Title Page (1 page, 8Kb)
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Dedication (1 page 8Kb)
Table of Contents (2 pages 15Kb)
Preface (1 page 8Kb)
About the Editors (1 page 14Kb)
List of Contributors
List of Abbreviations


  1. The tropical environment: An introduction to tropical medicine
  2. Environmental health problems in the tropics
  3. Nutrition and health in the tropics
  4. Custom, culture and health in the tropics John M. Goldsmid (17 pages, 164kb)
  5. Tropical fevers, including malaria
    1. Viral, bacterial and fungal infections John Frean and Lucille Blumberg (18 pages 147kb)
    2. Tropical Fevers – Important human parasitic fevers of the tropics Kate Hardie, David N. Dürrheim (41 pages 1,195kb)
  6. Hepatitis and other liver problems
  7. Urinogenital infections in the tropics Ahmed S Latif (46 pages 210kb)
  8. Respiratory tract infections and pneumonias in the tropics Tim J.J.Inglis (14 pages 90kb)
  9. Tropical skin problems
    1. Viral and bacterial
    2. Parasitic Infections John M Goldsmid, Wayne Melrose (18 pages 142kb)
  10. CNS infections in the tropics
    1. Viral and bacterial
    2. Parasitic and fungal Infections of the CNS John M Goldsmid (5 pages 82kb)
  11. Miscellaneous infections in the tropics
    1. Septicaemia
    2. Bone and joint infections
    3. Soft tissue and anaerobic infections
  12. Arthropod-borne infections in the tropics – A synopsis John M Goldsmid (6 Pages 37kb)
  13. Zoonotic infections in the tropics John M Goldsmid (14 Pages 115kb)
  14. Venomous animals
    1. Spiders, scorpions and snakes
    2. Stingers
    3. Antivenoms
  15. Cancers in the tropics Alan E. Mills (26 pages 1610kb)
  16. An approach to women’s health in the tropics Graeme D Schreuder (12 pages 71kb)
  17. Tropical paediatrics Maurice Kibel, Jon Rohde (23 pages 145kb)
  18. Oral health and dental care in the tropics Geoff Quail (13 pages 49kb)
  19. Nursing in the tropics Teresa O’Connor (12 pages 76kb)
  20. Surgery in the tropics Sankar Sinha (14 pages 84kb)
  21. Tropical haemoglobinopathies
  22. Non Communicable Diseases in the Tropics
  23. Lymphatic Infections Wayne Melrose & John M Goldsmid (17 pages 220kb)
  24. Ancillary health services in the tropics
    1. Physiotherapy
    2. Occupational therapy
    3. Radiology
    4. Occupational Health
    5. Pharmacy
  25. Immunisation strategies for tropical countries
  26. The tropical laboratory
  27. Overview: The nexus between tropical and travel medicine: prospects and future directions