About the College

The Australasian College of Tropical Medicine Inc is the pre-eminent organisation in the Australasian region representing professional interests in tropical medicine.

The College promotes the highest ethical and professional standards through education and information. It has both regional and global interests with more than 600 members coming from about 30 countries around the World and maintains links to three international organisations working in tropical medicine.

Membership includes doctors, scientists, academics, military personnel, veterinary scientists, consultants and other health professionals. Several committees and groups within the College assist in organising local and regional scientific meetings, as well as other professional activities.


The College is committed to the development of tropical medicine and is working with professionals to help manage the global burden of tropical disease and injury through networking, research and development.

The Listed Aims of the College are to:

  • Encourage continuing education and the exchange of knowledge in tropical medicine and geographic medicine;
  •  Collaborate with other organisations in conducting activities of mutual concern, interest and direction in tropical medicine;
  • Promote research in tropical medicine and geographic medicine;
  • Strive for professionalism and competence among its members and those specialising in and entering into the field of tropical medicine; and
  • Maintain a historical collection of items relevant to the development of tropical medicine in Australia and New Zealand.


The Australasian College of Tropical Medicine Incorporated (ACTM) was founded at a meeting in Townsville, Australia, on the 29th May, 1991.

Membership now extends to all states of Australia and overseas. Membership includes many eminent professionals working in various fields related to tropical medicine, such as parasitology, infectious diseases and tropical veterinary science, reflecting the broadest definition of tropical medicine.

The college was incorporated in Queensland in 1994. The original secretariat was based at the Anton Breinl Centre, James Cook University, which was itself the original establishment for the Australian Institute for Tropical Medicine established in 1910. Dr Anton Breinl of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine was appointed Director of Australia’s first medical research institute.